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I was born in December 1978 in Budapest. I've inherited a little bit of my parents' music talents, although they've never made use of theirs.

I was just a little boy when I was crazy for all kinds of music, and I was always looking for some stick to beat the rhythm with. My parents couldn't afford to enrol me in a music, or even drummer school, still I continued to feel interest for the beats. In high school I met other students that taught me about playing drums. At this time my parents weren't able to keep me away from music studies anymore. So I started to attend the Nádasdy Kálmán Art School's classic drum class in 1993. This is where I started to learn and develop.

In 1994 a new jazz drum class has been opened in the school, and I changed from classic drums to this class. This was the class where I understood the tricks of jazz drumming from Gábor Baross, the drummer of the Hungarian band Tea.

In 1996 I got into the accompanist band of the Transport Engineering High School's Theater Club, where I could participate in several musical pieces (from the works of Szabolcs Fényes and Iván Szenes) as background musician. During this time I played in some smaller bands to ground my routines in instrument handling.

In 1999 I learned how to play the latin and the funk rhythms under the guidance of Zsolt Korompai in the drum school ProDrum. Still in this year I got into the world of Greek music and in my first Greek band called Orfeusz Band, which we played Greek folks and dance music with.

I got the Certificate of the OSZK Dance-musician professional exam in 2000.

In 2002, I got the opportunity to play in Pireusz band, which was the band of the buzuki-artist Sarantis Mantzourakis. Besides the Greek music, this is where I got to know some Arabic and Southern Slavic folk music.

From 2005, as a member of the Jannakis Band, I mainly played Greek and Serb music.

Rock music has always been a part of my life from the beginning, still the year of 2006 brought me the opportunity to play in Alkonyzóna (Twilight Zone), my first serious rock band.

In the same year I got an invitation from Attila Grandpierre, the leader of the internationally known band, Vágtázó Halottkémek (Galloping Coroners). He asked me to lead the rhythm section in his lately founded band, the Vágtázó Csodaszarvas (Galloping Wonder Stag).

Still in the same year I got a call from Stefanidu Janula, to participate in her Greek music career, and to support her band with my experience.

In 2007 János Szanyi has become my trainer and master, from whom I learned not only the professional grasps on the drums, but I'm also receiving a high level of teaching theory.

In 2008 I had the chance to hold an open course on the Drummers' Carnival.

One of my biggest performances was on 29th September, 2009, where I had the chance to perform as the drummer of the band Palio Buzuki, before Demis Roussos in the Papp László Sportaréna.

Currently I play in three bands, besides that I teach drumming, I write and sing music, so I can simply state that music is my life!

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